AFG Committees

Associate Fellows Group Committees

If you are interested in serving as a committee chair or serving on an AFG committee, please contact the Chair via the group email at

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is the guardian of the AFG membership roster and biographical update file:

  • Recruits and assists Associate Fellow applicants;
  • Submits deserving Associate Fellows to the Fellows Group for consideration for Fellow; and
  • Maintains current membership information on the AFG web site.

Nominations Committee:

The Nominations Committee manages the election process for AFG officers. Careful selection of officers with AFG operations experience, initiative, and creativity is an essential requirement for growth and development of the AFG:

  • Develops a slate of nominations and submit to the Chair and Chair-elect of the AFG for review;
  • Coordinates publishing biographies of the nominees in the Spring newsletter; and
  • Coordinates with the Informatics Committee to publish biographies of the nominees on the AFG web site.

Ellingson Award Committee:

The Ellingson Award Committee annually recognizes scientific writing achievement among Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance first authors from the AFG:

Reception Committee:

The Reception Committee arranges for social events held by the AFG:

  • Traditionally, the events include the Tuesday morning breakfast meeting and the Tuesday evening social held in conjunction with the AsMA Fellows at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting; and
  • Coordinates with the AsMA Home Office, meeting planner, Chair AFG and Fellows planning committee for these annual events.

Informatics Committee:

The Informatics Committee coordinates with the AFG and AsMA home office in support of AsMA electronic information initiatives on the AsMA web site at The committee provides ideas and contributes to the development of web site services that will enhance office automation for Associate Fellows, Merit System Rating for Fellowship nomination, and AsMA membership:

  • Maintains the AFG Facebook site; and
  • Posts regular updates to the AFG web site for committees, activities, and meeting notices;
  • Administers the AFG web site and coordinates with the AsMA web administrator; and
  • Coordinates with the Fellows to develop and update the biography site.

Program Committee:

The Program Committee encourages and mentors Associate Fellows to submit abstracts to the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee, and facilitates assignment of Associate Fellows as chairs of Scientific Program sessions and poster sessions at the annual meetings:

  • Establishes a scientific panel composed of Associate Fellows as authors through the electronic AsMA abstract submission process;
  • Participates in the peer review of submitted abstracts and panels at the annual Scientific Program Committee meeting in November;
  • Facilitates the assignment of Associate Fellows as panel and poster chairs for the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting;
  • Prepares materials, web site and Facebook notifications to advertise the panel at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting; and
  • Ensures the successful presentation of the sponsored panel at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting in May.

Merchandising Committee:

The Merchandising Committee develops merchandise to enhance the visibility of the AFG, generate revenue to sustain Associate Fellows activities, and sponsor profit-sharing programs providing financial support for the AsMA Home Office or special AsMA projects:

  • Organises merchandising activities for the Associate Fellows table at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting;
  • Coordinates merchandising efforts with the Chair and Treasurer of the AFG;
  • Coordinates with the Chair of the Informatics Committee to include merchandising information on the AFG web page and in the newsletter; and
  • Coordinates with the Chair of the Membership Committee for staffing the Associate Fellows table at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting in May.

For more information on the activities of the Associate Fellows Group Committees, please refer to the detailed information provided in Section 5 of the AsMA Policy and Procedures Manual, which can be found on the AsMA Governance page at