Road to Fellowship

Members of the Associate Fellows Group are strongly encouraged to submit an annual Biographical Update.

Submission Deadline: 30 September of each year.

While the AsMA and AFG Informatics Committees continue to work on an electronic database for this purpose, the process is currently via individual form completion.

Progression to Fellowship

The Biographical Update Form is used each October when the Membership Committee evaluates the AFG membership for candidates worthy of submission for potential Fellow nomination.

All Associate Fellows Group members are encouraged to review the eligibility requirements for Fellow noted below and to complete the Biographical Update Form each year, and submit it to

Please note that the biographical update does NOT serve as an application for Fellow but is a process by which the AFG evaluates and scores current AFG members for consideration for nomination for Fellow status.

Fellows are selected from among those active members who have made outstanding contributions to aerospace medicine, aeronautics, astronautics, undersea medicine, or environmental health, either in research, in the practical usage of research, or by precept and example. To be eligible the nominee must be a continuous member in good standing of the AsMA for at least seven years.

Nominations for Fellowship may be made only by Fellows who are active members.

Click on the following link for a view of the process in a flowchart format: Fellows Election Process.

For more information, please refer to the AsMA website information on the AsMA Fellows and Associate Fellows at